Thursday, May 14, 2009

Random Stuff

So today I'll be doing some serious praying for one little girl with leukemia and a lot of medical attention heading her way. They gave her another day of "freedom" yesterday, so the scary stuff starts today. What sort of prayer can one offer? What does one ask? Wishing or praying cancer away isn't an option. But one may ask for skill for the doctors, strength for the family, and courage for the patient. And, of course, a path forward that offers her hope and health. She might be a stranger to you (she is to me), but I don't think any extra prayers will be argued about. And while you're in the neighborhood, offer one up for my cousin's boy, who's been diagnosed with Type I diabetes. If the worst thing to happen to you today is a long line in traffic or an annoying coworker, give thanks.


Science Cheerleader said...

Thanks, Bart. The little girl's mom and dad are touched. So I am.

Her mom keeps everyone up-to-date on Some adorable pic there...even if you don't LOOOOOOOOVE all kids :)

ishmael said...

hi bartacus,

i will be praying with you for this little girl. what's her name?

i am currently working with the gift of life bone marrow foundation to try to help a little 2-year old out with acute leukemia.

i know your not from cleveland but this sunday and monday there will be an emergency bone marrow drive to save the 2 year old named eve.

it would be awesome if you could dedicate a blog post to little eve and hopefully we can find a donor. the more exposure the better. lets give eve a chance.

for more information:


Bart said...


Laura S. said...

My sister died from leukemia when she was 4 years old. My heart and prayers go out to her and her family. Cancer is never easy to deal with, but cancer in young children is heartbreaking!