Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Potpourri LXXIII

SpaceX successfully launched a Malaysian satellite. The nicest thing I heard some folks at work say was, "Well, he's 2 for 5." Rude.

From Gwen: a "slap-chop" rap.

New from Hu:

  • Bobby Block at the Orlando Sentinel has another misinterpretation of what's going on with the Augustine Panel. In plain English, the Augustine people are asking NASA questions--as they should--and NASA is answering. A lot of what you read in Block's work beyond that is arm waving and seal clubbing.
  • Frank Morring at Aviation Week, who usually gets things right, makes it sound as if the Augustine people changed their itinerary when it came to visiting sites and asking sites. However, that's all that they've ever had on their agenda. So why portray this as something different?
  • Mr. Augustine is holding a press conference on the panel's work Friday.
  • And there's a Space Review piece discussing some previous studies.

Other items might come to me, but that's all for now. Salud.

Oh! Here's one more from Melissa: some criticism of the Space Shuttle one year before the first launch. Puts the criticism of Ares in perspective a little bit.

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