Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Potpourri LXXIV

A coworker suggested looking for a new factoid--how many Super Bowls would Ares V produce if its energy were converted directly to kilowatts. So how many kilowatts does it take to power all the lights, bells, whistles, and flourishes of a Super Bowl? See here.

NASAWatch took extra shots at Ares I this week. Oh, goody.

Why couldn't Neil Armstrong fall asleep on the Moon? See here. Also, Apollo conversations you haven't heard before.

One of the communications gurus I work with at Marshall is a part-time roller derby girl. Specifically, a "Dixie Derby Girl." I'm going to have to see this event at some point.

Want to understand ObamaCare? Check this out:

New from Hu: The Senate has confirmed Charles Bolden as NASA Administrator. That's probably a new record for appointing a NASA chief.

Another education opportunity for college students at NASA...

The Rocket that Rocked the World, courtesy of my buddy Dauna.

The Singularity moves along...more on brain/computer interfaces.

Another update on the monorail accident at Epcot.

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