Thursday, January 22, 2009

Educational Resources and Engineering Education Goals

I've encountered some interesting things over the course of the last week or so. Rather than comment extensively, I'll just include the links below.

As a follow-up to my recent ScienceCheerleader blog, I thought this MIT presentation regarding engineering education goals was worth reading:

Also, if you would like to "get smart" on science, math, history, engineering, music, or darn near anything else and you don't have the money or time to go back to college, I recommend the following links:

Engineering handbooks from the Department of Energy:

MIT Open Courseware: This one is really cool, because it includes lectures, course notes, and even exams!

The MIT site is akin to another favorite of mine, The Teaching Company:

TTC offers courses in everything from music appreciation to history to science and math. No college credit, obviously, but college-level materials and lectures via "class on tape/CD/DVD."

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